Vultr Web Host Review 2022: Pricing, Performance, and Features

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Are you looking for a cloud web host that is reliable, fast, and cheap? In this Vultr review, I’ll show you exactly how Vultr can meet your demands.

In this review article, you will learn everything you need to know about Vultr cloud computing before you sign up for it.

By the end of this Vultr review, you will be able to determine if Vultr is the best choice for hosting your website with its server. Starting with defining what is Vultr in the first place.

What is Vultr?

Vultr is a global cloud hosting service that provides reliable and high-performance cloud hosting solutions. It’s an affordable and scalable hosting provider, it provides many cloud hosting products and a large variety of applications including WordPress.

Vultr is an American web hosting company that started its journey in 2014 with a mission to authorize developers with seamless cloud infrastructure.

From the time it was launched in 2014 till 2021 Vultr has deployed over 45 million “instances” cloud servers.

With prices starting at $2.50 per month, you can host your online business on Vultr servers and monitor its data and performance of it.

Vultr Home Page
Vultr Home Page

Since Vultr is an unmanaged cloud hosting, you don’t get strong customer support, the support you may get is for help you sign in, billing issues, etc.

But not for setting up servers or configuring them. Also, the support is only available by ticket system (emails).

So, if you admire Vultr services and want managed servers from servers with all the support that any beginner wants, try Cloudways.

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting provider that can help you make servers on Vultr and other web hosts, with full support and management. Read Cloudways review.


Vultr Review: Pros and Cons

Here are the most important Pros and Cons that you might need to know before you dive into the Vultr review:

  • Datacenters every where.
  • Pay as you go payment system.
  • Reliable cloud hosting service.
  • User friendly dashboard.
  • Instantly server deployment.
  • No live chat and phone support.

What is Vultr Best For?

  • Vultr is best for developers who want to build their apps on a strong and reliable web hosting platform to make sure that their apps are running smoothly and stably.
  • Vultr is best for web applications resellers “freelancers” who want to build multiple websites on a platform that makes deploying servers and apps an easy task to do, at the same time at affordable prices.
  • Vultr is best for website owners who grew their website traffic tremendously and want to upgrade their website hosting type from shared to cloud hosting so that their websites can handle the traffic they get every month.
  • Vultr is best for website owners that want cloud hosting that is cheaper than other managed hosting.
  • Vultr is best for beginners who are willing to learn how to host and install WordPress on a cloud computing service in order to get the best results for their websites from the beginning. Read how to install WordPress on Vultr?

What Makes Vultr Stand Out?

There are many things to review and consider about Vultr that makes it stand out from the crowd. These things make Vultr a more adorable cloud computing option for a lot of developers and users. Mentioning some:

  • Vultr is a cloud computing web hosting, which means your servers are always well protected and covered. Also, the performance of the servers is great.
  • Vultr is a pay-as-you-go payment system, which means you pay only for the resources you consume. If you launched a server for one day, you will be charged for that particular day.
  • Vultr has 24 data centers around the world, you can choose to host your website in any of the 24 locations you want.
  • Vultr has many types of web hosting solutions, from cloud-shared CPU to optimized cloud CPU to dedicated servers and more. You can choose the best suits your needs.
  • Vultr has many types of web hosting solutions, from cloud-shared CPU to optimized cloud CPU to dedicated servers and more. You can choose the best suits your needs.
  • Vultr provides a clean and easy-to-navigate admin dashboard, that helps beginners to work with Vultr without much knowledge.
  • With one click install method, you can install every application you want on Vultr instances on a wide variety of operating systems. This includes CentOS, CoreOS, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Ubuntu, and Windows
  • While you can use Vultr’s SO “operating systems”, Vultr also lets you upload and manage your own custom ISO “operating system” on its servers on any of the 24 locations that Vultr owned.
  • Vultr is always growing, from time to time you find that it has added a new product, a new web hosting plan, or a new data center.

Vultr Products Plans and Pricing

Vultr Products
Vultr Products

Vultr provides many products on its platform from web hosting to storage and volumes that will help Vultr users to scale up their businesses. Let’s have a look at each of these products and see what is best for whom starting with Vultr Cloud Compute:

Vultr Cloud Compute:

The Vultr Cloud Compute is a Virtual Machine that runs on top of shared CPUs. This is the most used product among all products that Vultr provides.

On Vultr Cloud Compute you get dedicated resources such as RAM, Processor, and Bandwidth on a shared hardware CPU.

The Vultr Cloud Compute product is best for blog websites, small and medium-sized business websites, CMS applications, personal websites, and more.

Vultr Cloud Compute
Vultr Cloud Compute

Vultr Cloud Compute is cheap and affordable, it has three cloud hosting plans you can choose from these plans are:

Vultr Regular Performance:

In this plan, you get dedicated resources on Intel CPUs and a regular SSD.

This plan’s prices start at $2.50/month, and for that amount of money you get a server with 1 CPU, 500 MB RAM, 500 GB Bandwidth, and 10 GB SSD Storage.

The resources you get on this plan are quite enough for a new or small website. But the thing is with this plan, you don’t get a public IP address “iPv4” you only get an “iPv6” IP address.

Also, you are not allowed to install WordPress on this small server, only the plan starts at $5.00/month and above. So, it’s not recommended to deploy the cheapest one.

Vultr Regular Performance Plans and Pricing
Vultr Regular Performance Plans and Pricing

Vultr High Frequency:

This plan is more powerful than the regular plan. It is powered by the new 3GHz+ Intel Xeon CPUs and the fast NVMe SSD.

This Vultr High Frequency cost 20% more than the regular plan.

For a server size of 1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 1 TB Bandwidth, and 32 NVMe SSD storage space, it costs $6/month, while the same server size with the same resources “except the storage is 25 GB” on the regular cloud plan costs $5/month.

Although the difference between the regular SSD and the NVMe, in reality, is part of a second, If you really want the best results for your application consider using the High Frequency.

Vultr High Frequency Plans and Pricing
Vultr High-Frequency Plans and Pricing

Vultr High Performance:

The Vultr High-Performance plans are a bit different from the Vultr High-Frequency plans. In the High-Performance solution, you get to choose the vCPU you want, either AMD EPYC or Intel Xeon CPUs.

The Vultr High Performance is powered by new generations of AMD EPYC or Intel Xeon CPUs and NVMe SSD.

This plan’s pricing starts at $6/month, and for that, you get 1 CPU (either AMD or Intel), 1 GB Memory, 2 TB bandwidth, and 25 GB NVMe SSD disk space.

Vultr High Performance Plans and Pricing
Vultr High-Performance Plans and Pricing

There are differences between the three of them but they are not very big differences. Click here to see all the prices of all the Cloud Compute plans.

Vultr Optimized Cloud Compute:

On Cloud Compute hosting type, you get dedicated resources on a shared CPU, but on the Optimized Cloud Compute, you get a whole dedicated environment for your apps. No shared resources and no shared CPU.

With Vultr Optimized Cloud Compute you get virtual machines run on top of fully dedicated, new-generation AMD EPYC CPUs. Dedicated CPUs ensure that these machines deliver the fast, consistent performance that many business applications require.

There are five types of web hosting that Vultr Optimized Cloud Compute provides, and each one of them might be very game-changing to certain people.

Every type of them is optimized in a certain aspect to meet certain requirements. Let’s look at each of them. So you get to choose the right amount of resources you want such as RAM and NVMe SSD.

Vultr Optimized Cloud Compute is best for web and application servers, E-Commerce, video and audio streaming, and API serving.

Vultr General Purpose:

In this plan, you get a balance of resources of CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, and Storage space.

It’s a great plan to start with if you don’t know if your website needs attention in a certain part of the server resources. If you need to scale up one of the resources on the server, you can do that later on.

If you know exactly what’s best for your website, you can choose one of the plans below, the one that your website needs.

For example, if your website needs a lot of memory RAM to run smoothly but doesn’t need much storage space and processor, sign up for one of the Memory Optimized plans.

The cheapest plan of this dedicated cloud hosting plan costs $30/month, and for this price, you get a dedicated server that has 1 CPU processor, 4 GB RAM, 4 TB bandwidth, and 30 GB disk space.

Vultr General Purpose Plan
Vultr General Purpose Plan

Vultr CPU Optimized:

In the Vultr CPU optimized plan, you get more CPU than the RAM and NVMe SSD.

This plan is for applications that require more processor power such as video encoding, batch processing, high-performance computing (HPC), ad serving, and analytics processing.

For a plan that’s cost $40/month, you get a server size of 2 CPUs processor, 4 GB RAM, 5 GB Bandwidth, and 50 GB SSD storage.

Vultr CPU Optimized Plan
Vultr CPU Optimized Plan

Vultr Memory Optimized:

In the Vultr Memory-optimized plan, you get more RAM than the CPUs and NVMe SSD.

This plan is for applications that require more memory RAM such as open-source databases e.g. MySQL, in-memory databases and caches (e.g. Memcached), and real-time analytics.

The cheapest plan of this dedicated memory-optimized cloud hosting plan costs $40/month, and for this price, you get a dedicated server that has 1 CPU processor, 8 GB RAM, 5 TB bandwidth, and 50 GB disk space.

Vultr Memory Optimized Plan
Vultr Memory Optimized Plan

Vultr Storage Optimized:

In the Vultr Storage optimized plan, you get more NVMe SSD storage than the CPUs and RAM.

This plan is for applications that require more storage space such as large databases and applications that host lots of files.

The cheapest plan of this dedicated memory-optimized cloud hosting plan costs $40/month, and for this price, you get a dedicated server that has 1 CPU processor, 8 GB RAM, 5 TB bandwidth, and 50 GB disk space.

Vultr Storage Optimized Plan
Vultr Storage Optimized Plan

Vultr Bare Metal:

Vultr Bare Metal Dedicated server is the most powerful web hosting solution that Vultr Provides. It provides full control of a high-performance single-tenant environment.

A plan from this option gives access to the underlying physical server without virtualization, and the server hardware is 100% yours, with no shared and limited resources.

The Vultr Bare Metal plans start at $120/month. This plan is meant for big online businesses such as eCommerce and organizations.

Vultr Bare Metal Pricing
Vultr Bare Metal Pricing

Vultr Block Storage:

Vultr Block Storage is a cloud disk space that you attach to the server you create to add more storage space. The Vultr block storage is a scalable SSD storage, you can deploy a maximum of 10 TB of storage space per volume and you can deploy multiple volumes per server.

The price of block storage is $0.1/month for every 1 GB SSD, for 100 GB block storage you will be charged $10 per month.

Vultr Block Storage
Vultr Block Storage

How to Start with Vultr?

  • First, signup for Vultr. Go to and create an account, add your payment method then verify your account.
  • Next, deploy the server you want. From four different types of servers, you can choose what suits you best and then select the region from different 24 regions.
  • Next, choose the server operating system then select the server plan and size. Lastly, add additional information to the server and click deploy.
  • Finally, you need to configure the server you create. Click here to read the guide on how to deploy a server on Vultr.

Vultr Performance Review

Google has found that an extra half a second in page load time can lead to as much as a 20% drop in traffic. And now website performance is one of the factors that may or may not move up your website ranking.

A well-optimized website has a bigger chance to rank higher on search results than the ones with bad performance and optimization.

Therefore, the Web host’s performance should be great in order to deliver a great website performance.

Is Vultr Fast?

The website loading speed is one of Google’s criteria that determines if your website should rank or move down.

Also, no one is willing to wait a long time to get the information you provide while there are others providing the same answers. So, no customers no money.

That being said, let’s check the Vultr Speed.

For making this Vultr review happen, we deployed a server and installed WordPress on the $6 plan High Frequency, installed the Blocksy theme, imported a heavy starter website with many high-quality images and with no CDN setup or WordPress optimization, and ran speed tests. These are the results:

Google Speed Insights desktop result:

Google Speed Result
Google Speed Result

GTmetrix speed result:

GTmetrix speed result
GTmetrix speed result

Pingdom Speed result:

Pingdom speed result
Pingdom speed result

What is Vultr Uptime?

A 100% means that the website has never gone down. The uptime of a website is the time that website is up and running. So, the uptime of a website is very important.

Vultr offers a 100% uptime guarantee on network and host node availability (servers).

If Vultr fails to deliver a 100% uptime guarantee, your account will be eligible for credits based on any affected instances.

Vultr Uptime Guarantee
Vultr Uptime Guarantee

Vultr Data Centers “Server Location”:

Vultr cloud computing has 24 data centers in 15 different countries around the world and this number is increasing

Vultr Data Centers
Vultr Data Centers

The data centers of Vultr are in:

  1. Atlanta – United States
  2. Los Angeles – United States
  3. Chicago – United States
  4. New Jersey – United States
  5. Miami – United States
  6. Honolulu – United States
  7. Seattle – United States
  8. Silicon Valley – United States
  9. Dallas – United States
  10. Melbourne – Australia
  11. Sydney – Australia
  12. Amsterdam – Netherlands
  13. Frankfurt – Germany
  14. London – United Kingdom
  15. Madrid – Spain
  16. Mexico City – Mexico
  17. Paris – France
  18. São Paulo – Brazil
  19. Seoul – Korea
  20. Singapore – Singapore
  21. Stockholm – Sweden
  22. Tokyo – Japan
  23. Toronto – Canada
  24. Warsaw – Poland

The server location can impact the website speed, the far your website visitors are from your server hardware, the slower your website will perform.

May you see the impact is very little, a fraction of a second, but it will result in conversions when you get lots of traffic.

Vultr Marketplace

The Marketplace provides a collection of popular applications, software stacks, and operating systems that you can deploy to your servers.

Such as WordPress, you would find applications that you might use in the marketplace of any of the three of them.

Vultr marketplace has almost every app you might need in their marketplace. All you want to do to use their apps is to deploy the server and choose the marketplace to install it on top of the operating system of the server.

Vultr Marketplace
Vultr Marketplace

Vultr Support

Regardless of the Docs, and Vultr community, the only way to contact Vultr customer support is by email. That’s why we call it an unmanaged cloud host.

Yes, Vultr has huge community FAQs, and documents, if that doesn’t help you, then the only way to contact Vultr is to submit an email ticket.

Vultr Review Alternatives

The there cloud computing services, Vultr and the two below are always in the race to beat each other. Whenever you say Vultr, you will remember DigitalOcean and Linode.

DigitalOcean is a leading cloud service provider that provides reliable and high-performance cloud infrastructure. Read DigitalOcean review.

Linode is a cloud hosting company based in the United States that provides virtual private servers.

Read the DigitalOcean vs Vultr vs Linode comparison.

DigitalOcean vs Vultr vs Linode Comparison
DigitalOcean vs Vultr vs Linode Comparison

Vultr Review: The Conclusion

Vultr is a great cloud computing hosting provider, it’s fast, reliable, and has incredible uptime. On the other hand, Vultr’s plans are powerful and reasonable.

We recommend Vultr for developers and passionate beginners who want the best for their websites. Read how to install WordPress on Vultr?

Frequently Asked Questions About Vultr Review

The following questions are the most asked questions about Vultr

Is it easy to install WordPress on Vultr?

Yes, it’s easy to host and install a WordPress website on Vultr’s servers. All you need to do is to sign up for Vultr, next deploy a server, and choose the WordPress application from the marketplace while you are configuring the server.

Use this guide to know how to install WordPress on Vultr VPS.

What payment methods does Vultr accept?

Vultr accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, BitPay (BTC, BCH, ETH, DOGE, PAX, BUSD, LTC, USDC, GUSD), Alipay, UnionPay, and PayPal. Depending on your geographic region, Paypal supports additional payment networks, including Giropay and bank transfers.

How much does it cost to enable automatic backups on Vultr?

The backups on Vultr costs 20% of a server plan. If you deployed a $10/month cloud server, you will be charged $2/month on top of the server cost, and that would be $12/month.

Can I upload my own operating system ISO to Vultr?

Yes, with the Upload ISO feature, you can upload your own bootable operating system image, mount it onto your instances and run through the setup process.

Does Vultr offer managed hosting?

No, your instances grant you full root access and are entirely self-managed. You do all the configuration by yourself. However, if you like Vultr that much, you can sign up for Cloudways and get a managed cloud server on Vutlr from their platform.

how much does Vultr Block Storage Cost?

Vultr Block Storage costs $0.1/month for every 1 GB SSD. 40 GB block storage will cost you $4 per month.

That’s it for the Vultr cloud review. If you have any questions please comment down below, I love to respond to your questions.

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