Cloudways Pricing Plans (2023): How Much Does Cloudways Charge for Hosting?

Cloudways is one of the best-managed Cloud hosting platforms on the internet with a cost that is relatively low compared to what it offers.

They provide servers from third-party leading hosting providers and each one offers a different pricing module.

Keys Takeaway:

  • Cloudways is one of the best hosting providers with a lot of features.
  • Their cheapest plan costs $11/month, which is a 1 GB server on DigitalOcean.
  • You can create unlimited websites and apps on each server you create without additional cost.
  • Their pilling method is pay-as-you-go. You will pay after you consume the server resources.
  • Cloudways pricing is far low compared to managed hosting such as WP Engine and Kinsta.

What Is Cloudways?

Cloudways is a managed hosting provider that provides scalable, high-performance cloud hosting solutions with many hosting pricing modules.

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It offers you the freedom of managing your own server infrastructure while taking care of all the complexities involved in running and securing it. Read Cloudways review.

Cloudways Pricing

Cloudwys pricing is flat and transparent, you will only pay for what you apply for.

Also, it is a pay-as-you-go payment system, so you will only be charged for the resources you consumed, and the prices you will see are for the server creation

When you sign up for your first time, Cloudways will give you a 3-day free trial to create a server and test how things are going with their platform.

Cloudways provides servers from 5 third-party web hosting providers such as Linode and Vultr, so the prices vary from one provider to another, and you can create as many servers as you want in any of them.

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DigitalOcean Pricing on Cloudways:

As on DigitalOcean, there are two options on Cloudways for the cloud VPS pricing plan, the Standard plans, and the Premium plans.

The two plan types provide the same amount of resources, but the Premium plans offer faster-performing Intel and AMD processors, and & faster NVMe SSDs.

For instance, the 1GB cheapest plan pricing on Cloudways by DigitalOcean comes with resources of 1 GB RAM, 1 Core processor, 25 GB SSD storage space for the standard and 25 GB NVMe SSD storage space for the premium, and 1 TB Bandwidth.

This plan costs $11 per month in the standard option.

DigitalOcean Standard Pricing on Cloudways
DigitalOcean Standard Pricing on Cloudways

The same 1 GB plan in DigitalOcean but with the Premium server option costs $14 per month.

DigitalOcean Premium Pricing on Cloudways
DigitalOcean Premium Pricing on Cloudways

Vultr Pricing on Cloudways:

Same as DigitalOcean, Vultr has 2 server options you can choose from with different pricing, the Standard plan, and the High-Frequency plan.

The two plans have the same resources except the High-Frequency plan is more expensive.

Also, the Standard is powered by previous generation Intel CPUs and regular SSD while the High-Frequency is powered by 3GHz+ Intel Xeon CPUs and the faster NVMe SSD.

The cheapest plan Vultr costs $14 per month on the standard package and $16 per month on the high-frequency package.

The 1 GB plan comes with resources of 1 GB RAM, 1 Core processor, 25 GB SSD storage space for the standard and 32 GB NVMe SSD storage space for the high-frequency, and 1 TB Bandwidth.

Vultr Pricing on Cloudways
Vultr Pricing on Cloudways

Linode Pricing on Cloudways:

Linode has the same Vultr pricing, but it has no premium plans. Only the standard plans with the general SSD disk.

Linode’s cheapest plan is 1 GB and it costs $14 per month, and for this amount of money, you get a server with 1 GB RAM, 1 Core processor, 25 GB SSD storage space, and 1 TB Bandwidth.

Linode Pricing on Cloudways
Linode Pricing on Cloudways

AWS Pricing on Cloudways:

Amazon Web Services “AWS” is one of the most powerful web hosting networks in the world. Many big-name companies are trusting AWS to host their platforms with them.

On the other hand, AWS is more expensive than the previous ones, and you get more RAM and CPU but less storage space and bandwidth.

The cheapest plan on AWS costs $38.56/month and offers 2 GB RAM, 2 vCPU processors, 20 GB storage space, and 2 GB bandwidth.

AWS Pricing on Cloudways
AWS Pricing on Cloudways

Google Cloud Pricing on Cloudways:

The Google Cloud Platform “GCP” is also one of the most famous and most powerful hosting solutions, but it requires more knowledge to configure the servers on its platform.

So, if you are a beginner and you want to host your web application on the Google Cloud Platform, Cloudways made it easy for you to do so.

the Google Cloud Platform pricing on Cloudways is similar to the AWS pricing, but compared to what server resources they offer.

The cheapest plan on GCP costs $37.45/month and offers 1.75 GB RAM, 1 vCPU processor, 20 GB storage space, and 2 GB bandwidth.

Google Cloud Pricing on Cloudways
Google Cloud Pricing on Cloudways

Cloudways vs. Kinsta vs. WP Engine Pricing

When you think that there is shared hosting that offers to host unlimited websites for only $5 every month, you would think that Cloudways is expensive.

But here is the catch, the shared hosting servers will not provide the flexibility, performance, speed, customization, server access, and features that the managed hosting offer.

Also, that $5 price will not last forever, you will be charged the full amount once your plan has expired and want to renew it.

So, why not compare Cloudways with other managed hosting, WP Engine, and Kinsta in terms of pricing? Here we are comparing the cheapest plan of the three hosting companies.

ComparisonCloudwaysWP EngineKinsta
Cheapest plan$11/mo$20/mo$35/mo
storage25 GB10 GB10 GB
Bandwidth1 TB50 GB
Visits per MonthUnlimited25,000/mo25,000/mo
MultisitesFreeAdditional costHigher plans
Unlimited SitesYesNoNo
Money-back guaranteePay as you go60 days30 days
Cloudways vs. WP Engine vs. Kinsta


I remember someday I hosted 11 different little to no traffic WordPress and PHP sites on the 1 GB plan on a DigitalOcean server and they functioned very well with no issue.

Cloudways offers lots of features and great performance and security with unlimited websites for as low as $11 a month.

So, if you plan to build many websites with a top-notch hosting provider or want to host your website with a Cloud hosting service as a beginner, Cloudways is the place to go.

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