Vultr $2.50 Plan Alternatives: Avoid Limitations

Vultr has a plan that costs $2.50 per month. A VPS server on a shared CPU with dedicated resources.

This plan comes with 1 CPU Processor, 500 MB RAM, 500 GB Bandwidth, and 10 GB storage space.

However, this plan comes with some limitations and might not align perfectly with your needs. Therefore, I’d like to introduce you to some excellent alternatives.

Limitations of Vultr’s $2.50 Plan

Here are the Vultr $2.50 server downsides:

  • Doesn’t allow a 1-click app install: You can’t automatically install apps from the Marketplace like WordPress and Magento.
  • Doesn’t provide you with an IPv4 IP address: Instead, you will only be getting an IPv6 IP address protocol. You will need to have a piece of knowledge of it.
  • Theis server plan is not available in all data centers: while Vultr has more than 30 data centers, it’s currently only available in Atlanta and New Your server locations.

Read Differences between IPv4 and IPv6.

In short, it’s not recommended for beginners.

You can either go with a more powerful server like the $5/month plan or sign up for alternative web hosts.

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Vultr $2.50 Hosting Plan Alternatives

Since you are looking for a low-price plan, a assume you are on a budget.

Here are 4 best low-price web hosting services you can consider:

  • Hostinger(recommended): The best and fastest shared hosting service. The best overall. Its pricing starts at $1.99/month.
  • DreamHost: One of the best web hosting services with high performance and fast servers. Its pricing starts at $2.59/month.
  • InMotion: Provides affordable and reliable hosting solutions for small businesses and websites. Its pricing starts at $2.29/month.
  • A2 Hosting: The fastest loading time servers on the internet, they use turbo mode for their hosting. Its pricing starts at $2.99/month.

In conclusion, the Vultr $2.50 plan offers a cost-effective option for a VPS server with dedicated resources, but it comes with several drawbacks.

If you can’t afford the Vultr $5/month plan, consider using one of the alternatives above.

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