How to Attach Cloudways Block Storage to Cloudways Server In 3 Steps

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Does your website need more storage space? Do you host large files on your website? With Cloudways block storage, this is not a problem anymore.

Cloudways PaaS is a managed cloud web hosting provider that provides reliable and fast cloud hosting solutions.

Cloudways offers one-click Block Storage integration (Volumes) with your server.

So whenever you consumed the disk storage that Cloudways integrated with your server plan, you can always add additional block storage to your Cloudways server.

By the end of this tutorial, you will be able to connect Cloudways block storage –volumes– to any Cloudways server.

Before we go on to how to integrate block storage on the Cloudways server, let’s know what block storage is.

What is Cloudways Block Storage?

Block storage volumes are network-based block devices used to power the server with additional storage volumes.

Block storage allows you to attach additional storage volumes to your server quickly and easily, and function like regular block devices.

Cloudways now offers the block storage feature for DigitalOcean servers only.

So, if you want to get the benefit of this feature, create a Cloudways server on DigitalOcean or move your existing website to DigitalOcean.

Cloudways Block Storage
Cloudways Block Storage

How Much Does Cloudways Block Storage Cost?

Block storage on Cloudways costs $0.1/GB/month, which means for every 1 GB you will be charged $0.1 every month.

If you attached a 200 GB block storage size to your server, you will be charged $20 per month for the block storage along with the server costs.

For instance, if your Cloudways server costs $10/month and attached 100 GB block storage, the total cost will be $20/month.

Cloudways Block Storage Pricing
Cloudways Block Storage Pricing

Who is Cloudways Block Storage Best For?

DigitalOcean Block Storage is best for those who don’t need additional memory RAM and processing power CPU with their server but are in need of more disk space.

If you are hosting large files on your servers such as audio, videos, or applications. And you need more storage space but not other server resources.

Instead of scaling up your server plan and paying extra money for resources you may never consume, attach block storage to your server and save the day.

Enough talking about what is block storage, let’s see how we integrate it.

Step 1: Navigate to Your Server Management

First of all, sign in to your Cloudways account.

From the top menu bar, click on Servers to open the servers page where you will find all the servers you have.

Next, navigate to the server that you want to attach block storage to it and click on it to open its Server Management dashboard.

Cloudways Servers
Cloudways Servers

Step 2: Navigate to Your Server Block Storage

Once you click on the target server, the Server Management panel will show up.

From the Server Management Panel, click Vertical Scaling to open the vertical scaling window where you can increase the server size.

There are two options on vertical scaling, Server Size, and Block Storage. Click on the second option Block Storage.

Cloudways Vertical Scaling
Cloudways Vertical Scaling

Step 3: Add Block Storage to Your Server

Once you are in the Block Storage tab, a bunch of settings will appear after you activate the Attach Block Storage.

Click on the Attach Block Storage checkbox. Next, determine how much size (in GB) you need on your new block storage.

To do so, either drag the slider or enter a certain number of GB.

Notice that when you increase the Block Storage size, the amount of money the block storage will charge you increases. On top of that, the server cost.

Once you are certain of the block storage size, hit Attach Now.

Cloudways Add Block Storage
Cloudways Add Block Storage

Once you do that, a warning pop-up window will show up, click Proceed to create the block storage. It may take up to 10 munites.

Cloudways Add Block Storage Warning
Cloudways Add Block Storage Warning

Now You have created block storage and integrated it with your server. Whenever you want to scale it in the future you can do that easily.

Important Info:

When you add the block storage to your server, all of your websites and the databases on that server will be moved to the block storage volumes, and your previous disk will become unavailable to use or access.

During that time (a few minutes) your websites will become inaccessible.

therefore, it’s better to attach the Block Storage during the off-peak hours when your website encounters the minimum traffic.

That’s all for connecting Block Storage to a Cloudways Server.

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