Writesonic AI Review 2023: Pricing, Pros and Cons, and Features

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There are many AI writing assistants available in the market now, it became a little difficult to decide which one is the best and which one will suit you better.

Writesonic is one of the best AI content generators with many features and various pricing plans. In this review, we will show you what is Writesonic, how it works, how to use it, its pros and cons, and much more.

About Writesonic

WriteSonic is one of the early AI writing tools in the market, it’s an ai tool that can help you create different types of content using OpenAI and GPT-3 technology.

Driven by the need for a helping hand and inspiration for the writers, it was launched by Samanyou (Founder & CEO) in January 2021 Just a few months after the launch of GPT-3 technology.

And in the same year, it was ranked by TechRadar as the best writing assistant of the year 2021 and 2022 which constituted a huge boost to continue the effort and its development.

Writesonic has created rich and varied writing features you can use to create different types of content like emails and blog posts, SEO optimized up To 1500 words in 15 seconds.

Who Is Writesonic Best For?

With Writesonic’s many and varied writing tools that everyone can benefit from, no matter if you are a student, marketer, blogger, freelancer, or writer since you need written text, inspiration, and a helping hand, Writesonic will be a great help for you.

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Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic offers three main subscription options, the Free trial, the Long form, and the Custom plan.

The pricing varies based on how optimal your generated content will be, and the number of words you want monthly, and the users you want on your plan. With all of these options, you can pay exactly for what you need.

Changing the quality option (Economy, Average, Good, and Premium) or the number of words per month will change the pricing of the plan.

Writesonic Pricing Plans
Writesonic Pricing Plans

1- Free trial:

The free trial offers 25,000 Economy, 12,500 average, 6,250 Good, or 2,500 Premium words quality to use it with the following features:

  • 70+ AI Templates.
  • 25+ Languages.
  • Landing Page Generator.
  • 1-Click WordPress Export.

2- Long form plan:

The Long-Form pricing starts at $19 when paid monthly and $12.67 when paid annually and the number of words you can generate using it depends on the quality you want and you can pay more for more words.

  • Economy quality: 190,000 words.
  • Average quality: 95,000 words.
  • Good quality: 47,500 words.
  • Premium quality: 19,000 words.

This plan offers:

  • 70+ AI Templates.
  • 25+ Languages.
  • Landing Page Generator.
  • 1-Click WordPress Export.
  • Bulk Processing.
  • Surfer Integration.
  • Priority support.

Long Form plan pricing compared to the number of words.:

Long Form plan comparison

3- Custom plan:

The Custom plan offers unlimited word count and unlimited users with invoicing options and a dedicated account manager in addition to all long-dorm plan features. You have to contact the Writesonic sales team to get access to the Custom plan.

Writesonic Tools (Use Cases)

Writesonic comes with an amazing +80 writing tools which you can use to write whatever type of content you want, and they are categorized as the following.

Articles and blog posts:

This collection of tools contains the tools that can be used by bloggers, copywriters, and students to create blog posts and articles.

Article And Blogs
Article And Blogs
  • Blog ideas tool: Generate a blog post from scratch and come up with creative ideas for you based on the topic you want.
  • Blog intros tool: Generate a catchy intro for your blog that motivates the reader and entices him to continue reading.
  • Blog outlines tool: Create a successful blog post outline easily and quickly.
  • AI article & blog writer tool: Generate a good quality 1500-word post with easy 4 steps guides.

eCommerce product descriptions:

This collection of AI tools is meant for e-commerce websites and website reviews. It has decent tools that can be very handy when writing about products.

  • Product descriptions tool: Create an attractive description of your product.
  • Amazon tools They are a collection of tools specially designed for Amazon sellers that contains Amazon Product Descriptions, Amazon Product Features, Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads Headline, and Amazon Product Titles that meet Amazon’s guidelines.

Ads and marketing tools:

This collection of Writesonic use cases has great tools to help you optimize ad campaigns and social media.

Ads And Marketing Tools
Ads And Marketing Tools
  • Ads tools: Writing tools that can help you generate Ads, and Ads descriptions for Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn by the following tools.
  • SEO meta tags tools: Generate SEO meta tags for product and blog posts.
  • YouTube tools: Generate YouTube descriptions, titles, ideas, intro, and outlines.

Website copy tools:

This tool collection was designed specially to use on your website. The collection contains the following tools

Website Copy
Website Copy
  • Feature to benefit tool: Generate content concentrating on your product or service features to highlight the benefits your customer will gain.
  • Landing page headlines tool: Generate catchy headlines for your home page to excite the readers.
  • Landing pages tool: Generate attractive landing page copy to increase the traffic to your website.
  • SEO meta tags “homepage” tool: Generate unique meta tags for your home page to increase your ranking on google.

General-purpose writing:

This category contains many varied writing tools, there are more than 14 tools that you can use to write and edit different types of content. Among these tools are the Sonic Editor (GPT-3), Email Subject Lines tool, Quora Answers tool, Review Responder tool, and more.

General Writing
General Writing

Other writing tools:

This collection contains different purpose tools, some of which are:

  • Pain-Agitate-Solutions: this tool will generate marketing content for your product based on the PAS platform.
  • Startup Ideas: This tool will provide the startups with ai generated ideas for their niche.
Others Writing Tools
Others Writing Tools

How Does Writesonic Work?

How Does Writesonic Works?
How Does Writesonic Works?

Writesonic work by the power of artificial inelegance machine learning program and the pre-trained OpenAI GPT-3 technology, which is trained using 570 GB of written text data and 10% of the internet content.

after the training process, the language was able to understand and analyze the human language structure and grammar also the use of each word.

So, it can predict the next word in the sentences and so build a whole paragraph text or an entire article based on keywords and a short description.

By using this language, Writesonic can generate any type of written content, all you need to do is enter the topic with some description and keyword, so the written tool will understand the topic and then search the database to predict the possible output and write it uniquely.

How to Use Writesonic?

Using the Writesonic AI assistant generator tool is very simple and easy, and the interface is user-friendly. Follow the steps below to best use this tool.

1. Create an account:

Go to the writesonic.com landing page and click on Start Writing For Free button.

How to use write sonic
How to use write sonic

This button will lead you to the Sign-up page, in that page you can sign in using a Google account, Microsoft account, or email address. create your account and follow the next step.

how to sign up in Writesonic
How to sign up in Writesonic

2. Choose a writing tool:

After you sign up you will be introduced to the user interface in which you will find all the writing tools that can generate different types of content. Choose the one that you want to create the content you want.

choose writing tool
Choose writing tool

3. Describe the topic:

Describe the topic you want to write about, and be specific in your keywords to get the best possible result.

Describe the topic
Describe the topic

4. Select the language and words quality:

Writesonic can generate content in different languages, choose the language you prefer, and select the word quality you want.

5. Generate your content:

After you chose your preference and enter the topic click on generate button to generate your content.

With each click on the generate button Writesonic will provide you with 3 different choices of content, select the one you like the most and go to the next step to edit the generated content.

Generate your content
Generate your content

6. Edit and publish:

It’s important to edit any AI-generated content to check if all the content is relevant. Use the editing tool to make the best of your content and finally publish it.

How to Write an Article Using Writesonic?

There are three options that you can use to write articles and blog posts using Writesonic, the Instant Article Writer, the AI article Writer 3.0, and the AI Article tools collection.

Firstly, the Instant Article Writer:

This tool will generate an entire1500 words article instantly with one step, all you have to do is to enter the topic you want to write about, choose the language, choose the quality of the content, and that’s it.

Choose instant article writer
Choose an instant article writer

Secondly, AI Article Writer (4 steps article writer):

By using this awesome tool, you will also be able to generate 1500 article words, but you will have more control over the article outlines and content.

The tool will guide you through the process of making your blog post, it will start with the ideas, generate the intro, and the outlines, generate content for each outline, and finally generate the whole article to edit and publish it.

Generate the introduction
Generate the introduction

Thirdly, Write an article using multiple tools:

Writesonic provides many different blog post tools, each can write a specific part of the article. You can use them together to write a good article. These tools are:

  1. AI article idea.
  2. Article intro tool.
  3. AI Article outline.
  4. Paragraph writer tool.
  5. blog conclusion.

After you write using these tools, you can edit the whole generated content and refine it for the last time before publishing it.

Writesonic Pros and Cons


  • Simple and easy to use even if it is your first time using AI writers.
  • No credit information is required for the free trial.
  • Many writing tools.
  • One-click article generator.
  • WordPress plugin.
  • Multiple price options enable you to pay for what you need exactly
  • You can make a request for making your own tool.
  • All the tools are well explained and there are tips for each tool to make the perfect output.


  • No tone choices. The tone is important because it gives a personal touch to the text.
  • You can not control the number of generated output in some tools so, you don’t have complete control over your remaining words credit.

Writesonic Alternatives

Writesonic is an awesome AI tool we recommend for everyone, but if for any reason you don’t find it s good ai assistant, here are some alternatives we find them good as well.

Writesonic Review: Conclusion

Writing with Writesonic will give you a wonderful experience with a user-friendly interface and the many and varied collection of tools. Even if you have no experience in using AI writing tools, you will have an easy and enjoyable writing experience.

It doesn’t matter what type of writer you are or what kind of content you generate, using Writesonic will be useful and easy. Each tool is well explained in detail and comes with helpful tips to enable you to the best outcome.

Writesonic will save you time, inspire you and help you overcome writer’s block, and enable you to write on topics and fields that you have not taped before, and get good results.

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