3 Methods To Generate 1500 Words Article Using Writesonic AI Writing Tools

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Writesonic is a professional AI writing assistant with more than 80 tools and many features. It has three different article and blog post writing options you can use to write a whole article with ease.

These three options are the one-click Instant Article Writer, the AI Article Writer 3.0, and the blog post and article collection tools where you write each section of the article individually.

Let’s see how you can use each of these methods in detail starting with method one:

Method 1: Instant Article Writer

This is the easiest and fastest method where you can generate 1500 words in one click based only on the topic you enter.

The article will have all the required parts for any article such as the introduction and the headlines. But, it’s not as optimal as the second method, because you will generate the entire article based on one keyword option.

Choose instant article writer
Choose an instant article writer

To use this tool:

  1. Enter your Writesonic account
  2. Click on AI Article and Blogs Writer.
  3. Select Instant Article Writer.
  4. Enter the topic of your article or blog post.
  5. Choose the language of the article.
  6. Choose the word quality.
  7. Click on Write an Article.

The tool will automatically generate a complete article with an intro, body, and conclusion based only on the topic you enter so be specific and describe your targeted keyword correctly to have the result you desire.

Method 2: AI Article Writer 3.0

This method will also generate 1500 words, but instead of generating the whole article based on one keyword, you will create the article step by step by going through 4 steps.

Step 1: Generate ideas:

The first thing you would do is generate some ideas for your blog post. To generate ideas enter the topic which describes correctly and covers what your article is about, and be sure to include the keywords so the output matches your need.

Next, choose the language and the word quality, and the number of output ideas you want Writesonic to generate, then click on Generate Ideas.

The tool will provide you with different ideas, select the one that best describes the blog post you want to create to form your article title, then you will be redirected automatically to the second step.

Generate the idea
Generate the idea

Step 2: Make the intro:

After you select the idea and the title, now it’s time to make the introduction of your blog post. Generating the introduction.

The selected idea from the previous step will form the title in this step, you can edit it if you want and then select the quality and the language and click Generate Intros.

Generate the introduction
Generate the introduction

The tool will provide you with 3 intros, choose the one you like and edit it if you want. After that, click on the one you liked to select your chosen intro and move to the next step.

Step 3: Generate the outlines:

Once you make the intro, now it’s time to write the outlines of the blog post. All you have to do now is to click on the Generate Outlines button. Next, Choose the outlines you prefer, edit, add, or delete and go to the next step.

Step 4: Generate the full article:

After you finish with the outlines, click on Write an Article. This will write paragraphs for each outline you made combined together in one piece of text.

You can then refine and edit the generated content altogether. You can use the editing tools that appear on the top of the screen, and you are done.

Write the article

Method 3: Use Multiple Tools

In this method, you will write the article using 5 different tools, each tool is meant for a specific part of an article. This option takes more time than the others, but, it’s more accurate.

First: Generate article ideas:

The first thing you would need to think of when writing a blog post is the idea and the title. Using this tool will let you generate many ideas you might not think of before.

To use this tool go to the Writesonic dashboard and choose the AI Article Idea tool.

Next, enter the topic or the main keyword of the article then choose the language, the word quality, the number of output, and finally click on Generate Idea.

AI article idea tool
AI article idea tool

When you do that Writesonic will generate a bunch of ideas, if you liked one of them, copy it and go to the next step. Otherwise, you can edit one of them or regenerate new ideas.

Copy the idea and paste it as your blog title in a document file like Google docs or your local one.

Generating the idea using ai article idea tool
Generating the idea using ai article idea tool

Second: Generate the article intro:

When you choose an idea, it will be the title of the blog post you will generate. And the second step is to generate an introduction to the blog post.

Use the ai article intro tool to generate an awesome introduction. Select the AI Article Intro tool, enter the title you copied earlier, and click on Generate Intros.

AI article intro tool
AI article intro tool

The tool will create more than one intro. Again, you can choose the best of them, or edit, or regenerate new intros. Copy the one you liked and save it in the document file.

Generating the intro using AI article intro tool
Generating the intro using the AI article intro tool

Third: Generate article outlines:

Now it’s time to generate the article outlines based on the article title and introduction you created earlier using the AI Article Outlines.

Choose the AI Article outline tool, enter the article title and the introduction you generated from the previous steps, then select Generate Outlines.

Generate the outlines using ai article outline tool
Generate outlines using the ai article outline tool

The tool will generate a bunch of outlines for your blog post, select the outlines that you liked and best describe your article sections and save it for the next step.

Fourth: Generate paragraphs:

This time you would need to write paragraphs for each outline you created using the paragraph writer tool.

Choose the paragraph writer tool, enter the first outline you created from the previous step, click on the Generate Paragraph button, and copy the best paragraph from the options Writesonic generated to the document file.

Repeat the same process for each outline until you cover them all.

Generating a paragraph using paragraph writer tool
Generating a paragraph using the paragraph writer tool

Fifth: Generate the blog conclusion:

The last part of blog posts is the conclusion, and Writesonic AI is good at writing it using the conclusion writer tool.

Choose the blog conclusion writer tool to form the conclusion of your article. Enter the draft you formed previously, then click on Generate Conclusion. Choose the best result and add it to your draft document.

Generating the conclusion using conclusion writer tool
Generating the conclusion using the conclusion writer tool

Sixth: Editing the draft article:

Now you want to make sure every word in the article is grammatically correct and it has no mistakes. Also, you need to refine the article for more optimization before you publish it. Read tips to write a perfect blog post.


Writesonic is one of the best AI writing assistants with many features and great results. Using this tool will surely help speed your writing process and generate ideas for your blog posts.

Writing a whole 1500 words article is an easy task to do with Writesonic, there is the one-click Instant Article Writer, the AI Article Writer 3.0, and the article collection tools.

Using each of them will help you create the article you want. however, we recommend using the AI Article Writer 3.0, you have more control over the generated content, and it saves you time at the same time.

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