What Is OpenAI GPT-3 And How Do AI Writing Tools Use It?

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The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technology introduced a highly efficient language model, this model is GPT-3 which is a machine learning algorithm for text generation.

ٍSounds enthusiastic! Today we will learn all about GPT-3, how it works, its applications, how much it costs, and what is the relationship between GPT 3 and AI writing tools, and more, starting with what exactly is GPT3.

What Is GPT-3?

GPT-3 is an abbreviation for the third generation of the Generative Pre-trained Transformer Text generators which are produced using artificial intelligence technics natural language processing and natural language analysis.

The GPT3 model is the latest and best generation of the GPT n series, it was produced by OpenAI center in May 2020. OpenAI is a research center specializing in the artificial intelligence field.

GPT-3 language model was trained with a large amount of text around 570 GB which equals 175 billion parameters of neural networking to automatically produce texts that mimic the human style.

The language is able to generate human-like writing such as stories articles poems and more and has much application.

The History Of GPT-3

GPT-3 is the third generation of the GTP language series. The story began in 2015 at OpenAI, a non-profit research organization that began developing pre-trained language simulation models with a group of researchers with $1 billion in funding from Elon Musk.

The first purpose was; this research center is to enable all of humanity to benefit from the powers of artificial intelligence.

By 2019, OpenAI managed to develop the GPT2 language, which was pre-trained on 40 GB of written text and contains 1.5 billion parameters, but OpenAI did not introduce the language to the public because they thought it was dangerous and in the same year Elon Musk left the organization.

After that, Microsoft participated with a billion dollars in funding and changed the open AI organization from a non-profit organization to a for-profit organization, and then it introduced GPT-3 to the world with the power of 175 billion parameters in May 2020.

How Does GPT-3 Work?

How GPT-3 Works
How GPT-3 Works

GPT-3 works by the concept of analyzing the language patterns and the prediction of the next possible word.

This ability was produced in the pre-training stage in which the machines learned the structure and the pattern of the language by entering the word and then entering the next possible word by using a huge amount of well-written texts so the machine will be able to understand the language pattern, structures, grammar and the use of every single word.

Then it can predict the next possible word to form a complete paragraph word by word and then predict the next based on the input you provide the machine with.

So, the machine takes the input text analyzes it, and understands the pattern then it will be able to generate the next word to form a human-like text and form the type of text you want to generate.

The language has many abilities such as answering questions, filling gaps, coding, summarization, and more. So, what benefit will come to us with the GPT3 languages?

GPT3 Applications

The GPT3 Applications are a set of applications that are used for generating and processing text. They can be used in any type of software and application that needs text generation. The following are some of the applications that GPT-3 supports:

Content Writers:

This application is designed to generate content automatically. And with the variety of text that GPT 3 can generate, AI writing tools were produced.

AI writers can write different types of texts, it can be used to generate articles, stories, emails, essays, and more.


GPT 3 can be used in the chatbot to interact with humans and provide more like a human conversation, it can mimic the messages written by humans and interact with different topics.

Customer support:

GPT-3 has a good influence on the sales environment. It offers great help in the field of customer support. It can answer customers’ questions in a fast and efficient way. They can quickly respond to many customers at the same time.

This in turn improves customer experience which leads to increased sales.

 Codex model:

The GPT-3 codex is a model that can translate natural languages into codes, so you can use this application from GPT-3 to automate your strings conversion.

Translators and text converters:

GPT 3 also participates in translation and text conversion “since it already possesses a huge amount of written data”. This application is designed to translate text from one language to another and to convert text files from one format into another format automatically.

GPT3 And AI Writing Tools

GPT-3 And AI Writers
GPT-3 And AI Writers

AI writing assistants are automated writing software that generates different types of texts based on the keywords and the input you provide the software with.

GPT 3 is the secret behind AI writing tools which has become of great use to human writers around the world, as it can offer them satisfactory ideas, texts, and outlines that make the overall writing process easy, fast, and more comfortable

Due to its unique ability to generate text, GPT-3 has become the backbone of artificial intelligence writing assistants, they can create many types of text such as blog posts, poem videos ideas, and any kind of text that human writers can produce

Also, they are able to create text in different tones and provide you with many options to choose between them.

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The Limitation Of GPT-3

Despite the great capabilities and advantages that the language enjoys, it still has some shortcomings.

GPT 3 has been trained on a large number of written texts and 10% of the internet data of texts which contain human opinions

The information generated by the GPT-3 language can be right, but it also can be wrong, because some of the content is based on individual opinions. So, it is not without errors and you need to verify the resulting information before using it.

Moreover, the language is pre-trained and cannot continue to learn so any question you ask or any text you create using it will be based on the pre-stored information.

This means that the GPT-3 language does not contain information about what happened after it was released, and this will form a gap between the text that It will produce and the present events. So, it required retraining them to produce a parallel generation of languages.

GPT-3 Pricing

Is GPT-3 Free
Is GPT-3 Free

You can start working with GPT-3 for free, OpenAI offers $18 free credits for 3 months when you sign up for the first time. They say “Start experimenting with $18 in free credit that can be used during your first 3 months“.

When you path the 3 months or use the free credits, you will then have to subscribe to one of the GPT-3 models that OpenAI introduces.

There are four base models with different capabilities and prices and you can create your own custom model.

The prices are calculated by 1000 taken which equals about 750 words and the payment system is “Pay as you go“.

  • Ada is the fastest, it cost $0.0004  / 1K tokens.
  • Babbagecost $0.0005  / 1K tokens.
  • Curie, it cost $0.0020  / 1K tokens.
  • Davinci is the most powerful it cost $0.0200  / 1K tokens.

What Is GPT-3: The Conclusion

GPT-3 language model made a great leap in the field of artificial intelligence as a powerful text generator with the ability to generate texts answering questions and filling gaps.

It has many benefits and applications such as AI writers chatbots, customer support, code generating, and more.

GPT-3 was designed by OpenAI and trained with a large amount of information and offered to the public at varying prices depending on the chosen package The language still needs some development and this is what we hope to happen in the near future.


Is GPT-3 free?

The playground is free to use but has a time limit. Once you hit the threshold, you will then have to subscribe to one of the base models that OpenAI introduces. There is four base model with different capabilities and prices, the prices are calculated by 1000 taken which equals about 750 words.

How expensive is GPT-3?

OpenAI decreases its pricing in September, it was affordable and now it’s more affordable and budget friendly. The price of the OpenAI Ada model is only $0.0004 per 1k tokens.

Can I use OpenAI for free?

You can use OpenAI for free for a limited time and a limited free credit, and then you must pay in order to continue using it.

Is GPT-3 still learning?

No, the language is pre-trained and cannot continue to learn so any data this machine learning provides is pre-stored and not updated.

What is GPT-3 being used for?

GPT-3 is being used for a variety of purposes including writing articles and essays, generating subtitles, creating dialogues and stories, and more. Some companies are using GPT-3 for customer service chatbots, which would allow people to communicate with the company through text messages or emails.

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