What are Ai Writing Tools And How Do They Work?

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Did you hear about the magical artificial intelligence and AI writing assistants software that enables you to generate different kinds of content at an incredible rate of speed?

Then you’ve probably heard the words Artificial Intelligence, AI, Writer, or AI writing assistance. AI writers have a lot of features and will be a great help to all writers around the world.

AI writers will provide you with the assistance you need, it doesn’t matter what type of writer you are or the type of content you want to generate.

Artificial Intelligence

This all sounds good, but what is an AI writer? how does AI writing assistants exactly work? how can you use them? will they be beneficial for you?

In this post, we will answer all these questions and more about AI writers, and how you can increase your productivity using them.

What Is an AI Writer?

The AI writing assistance is software that is generated by using the machine learning and GPT-3 language of the artificial intelligence to understand and write unique and original content with the human style.

AI writer can generate different type of content starting from a large document such as blogs and articles to small ones like product descriptions and emails, based only on the short description the user provide the AI writing tool with.

The generated content can be written with different tones, styles, and languages according to the user’s needs and preferences.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

As we mentioned previously AI writer is working using artificial intelligence. So, what is the term artificial intelligence means?

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that enables machines to simulate human intelligence by observing, understanding, analyzing information, and improving themself so machines can act inelegantly and independently and so they can do works that are usually done by humans.

Artificial intelligence has many branches and applications, like natural language processing and machine learning which are the driving power of AI writers.

How Do AI Writers work?

The AI writer software works by entering a large amount of written text and then using machine learning to analyze the words and understand the pattern of the use of the words, the correct grammar and structure, and the different tones. So, you can use AI writer for both editing and writing.

The learning process mimics the human process, it learns to write good content by providing the software with a large amount of well-written pieces to understand the pattern the ai writer can predict the next word and form the entire content this process is called natural language processing.

So when you use an ai writer you provide the tool with the topic title, description sentences, and keywords, then the ai writer starts working by analyzing and understanding the topic and the words, searching the stored database then forming many copies, then providing you with the most acceptable copies.

How Does GPT-3 Creates The Content?

The Generative Pre-trained Transformer version 3 “GPT-3” was introduced to the public in May 2020. It was trained with 570 GB and 10% of the internet content which is a huge amount of data.

The learning process was in the form of input data and the possible and desired output to analyze and understand the pattern of human language and know how it works.

Therefore, the GPT3 languages have the ability to generate human words and sentences and understand the usage of each word.

So when you insert the input text and keywords the software will analyze the word and understand it using the stored database to provide you with the output you desire.

What Are The Benefits Of AI Writers?

The AI writers have many benefits you will earn by using them including the following

AI writing tools save your time:

AI writers can write tenfold faster than human writers saving you the time you spend creating ideas, researching, and writing.

So when you use it you will be able to meet the deadline with ease and allow you to work less time and empty you to your other task and spend more time with your family.

AI writers are flexible:

AI writing assistances are flexible they can easily meet your need by the ability to generate different types of content and adapt to user preferences.

AI writers can write on the topic you choose and create creative content that will result in increasing your productivity and providing you with the ability to attract different types of audiences which will increase your traffic.

AI writers generate plagiarism-free content:

When you use good AI writing assistance to generate your content you will be sure that the generated content is original.

Because AI writers don’t work by the process of copy and pasting which will lead to plagiarism, but by searching and predicting the possible next words. Then, creating their content.

AI writing tools are multilingual:

AI writers support many languages, so you will be able to generate multilanguage content, which will result in being able to attract more customers and increase the target users.

In addition, many AI writers enable you to generate content with input in a specific language and the output In a different one, which will enable you to write in languages you are not good at. But, there is no doubt the editing will be a challenge.

AI writing tools help overcome writer’s block:

One of the most important benefits of AI writing is that it doesn’t only generate the content you asked for, but also it can help you in brainstorming and creating ideas for your work.

So, when you are out of ideas or you can’t find the correct word to translate your ideas, AI writers will provide you with creative ideas and words to overcome the blank page syndrome.

AI content generators enhance content quality:

AI writers come with the ability to form sentences with good grammar, plagiarism-free, and different styles, because of the NAL (natural language processing) that AI writer use.

Along with the good content, and quality that AI writers generate, some AI content generators dedicate plagiarism and grammar checking and a punch of editing tools to the users, which you can use to edit not only the content that is generated using them but also any type of content you generate.

Also, many AI writers give you feedback about your writing so you can use it to improve your writing and style.

AI Writers Downside

Although AI content generators have many benefits for their users, they also have some disadvantages which make them not preferred by many.

Hated by Google:

Google algorithm has been updated recently to warn sites built by AI-generated content as they said clearly in their last Google’s helpful content update; “to ensure people see more original, helpful content written by people, for people, in search results?

This move was aimed at reducing the number of low-quality sites that are popping up these days. This update is expected to have a negative impact on the use of AI writing tools.

To make this clear, Google does not hate AI writing tools to assist you, rather, it hates you to generate the entire article using AI writers without editing, checking facts, and adding your own touch.

Lack of emotions:

The lack of emotional content in AI writing tools is one of the main reasons why they are not yet able to replace human writers.

AI writing tools lack the emotions that are essential for copywriting. They cannot generate content with a human touch and until now it is not possible to teach them how to do this.

Lack of accuracy:

AI writers can’t be accurate enough when it comes to understanding the context of a sentence or paragraph. Especially if you want to use them to generate facts or established information.

The quality of the generated text using AI writing tools is not always perfect and has some limitations, it depends on the quality of the data that is fed into them.

After you know all the benefits of AI writing tools, let’s know how to can use them in general.

How to Use AI Writing Tools?

How To Use AI Writers
How To Use AI Writers

AI writing tools are a great way to help you generate content, they can be used by anyone and they are easy to use.

AI writing assistants work best when you have a keyword or an idea of what you want your content to say but lack the time or skills to write it yourself.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to generate content using AI writing tools.

Step 1: Choose a good AI writing tool:

It’s an important step to know the best AI writer that suits your needs before you sign up for anyone. Here is a list of the best AI writers in the market:

  1. Jasper: Best overall.
  2. Copy AI: Best for writing blog posts.
  3. Rytr: Best prices.
  4. Writesonic: Best customer support.
  5. Frase: Best for SEO tools.
  6. WordHero: Best for ease of use.

Step 2: Sign up for the chosen tool:

After you decide which AI writing assistant you want to use, click on it and create your account on its platform. Sign up for it and then follow the steps below

Step 3: Generate the idea for your project:

Choose the ideal template from the use cases of the AI writer to generate an idea for your content, enter your main keyword and generate the content.

The AI writing tool will come up with different topic ideas and choose the best one for your article. Of course, if you do not already have an idea.

Step 4: Generate the outlines of your project:

Once you got the idea, now it’s time to create the outline of your content. Take the idea you generated in the previous step and input it into the outline tool.

Also add a title, short description, and keyword around the topic you want to create if the tool asks for it, it will help the tool generate more unique and relevant content to your main idea.

The AI writer will provide you with a different collection of outlines. Edit or add the generated outlines to form the perfect copy.

Step 5: Use the blog section template:

If you want to generate a blog post, you need to use the blog section template to generate complete paragraph sections from the outline that you generated.

Enter each outline at a time and generate content for each. Then organize the section to build the bulk of the article.

Step 6: Generate the introduction, conclusion, and title:

From the introduction and conclusion of the article by using the introduction tool and the conclusion tool. These are important sections for every blog post to have.

Also, edit the title of your blog post. Use a catchy title by using the title template.

After that, collects all the parts of your article and organize them to generate your article’s first draft.

Step 7: Edit the generated content:

The last step is to edit the generated content. Edit the draft, and check the grammar and plagiarism. Also, review the content for any mistakes the AI machine made due to its accuracy.

Will AI writers Take Over Human writers’ jobs?

After AI writers show their benefits and capabilities to the world, we writers start wondering if will AI writers take our jobs.

Although AI writers are capable and creative, they are not perfect yet. so, they can’t replace professional writers, yet.

Instead of thinking about whether will ai writing tools take over our writing job or not, we should start asking how ai writers will help us, human writers.

Human writers and AI writers can coexist in the industry and complete each other, AI writing tools can assist and help human writers to be more productive, make their writing more proficient and unique, and help them meet deadlines.

So, when in the future we cannot predict what the next generation of ai writers’ language will come with, considering the ai writers’ language didn’t go under any development since its first appearance in 2020.

In the presence and the near future human will always have their presence in the industry, and AI writers won’t replace human writers any time soon. But, we will not be sure what the future will spring to us.

What Is Better: AI Writers Or Human Writers?

Who Is Better Human Writers Or AI Writers
What Is Better Human Writers Or AI Writers?

When you start comparing human writers and AI writers you find that each one of them is better at some points and bad at others.

  • Starting with human writers, humans are better at understanding, checking, and validating the content.
  • Also, humans can write with a style that has a touch and warmth that can reach the reader and affect their emotions.
  • They also use their experiences to form their opinions and unique ideas.
  • On the other hand, human writers are slower and more expensive.
  • Coming to AI writers, AI writing assistances are capable of writing fast, more productively, and cheaper than human writers.
  • But unfortunately, AI writers don’t check facts, don’t understand emotion and always need human writers to edit and proofread their output contents.

For more about which is better click here

How Can AI Writing Tools Increase Your Productivity?

AI writing assistants will save you time and money, they empty you to concentrate on other topics.

AI writers can increase your productivity by saving you all the boring hours that you will spend generating unique ideas so you can avoid writer’s block.

In addition, it provides you with a large amount of content in a short time. So, it will help you translate your ideas and find the perfect words and structure for them.

Furthermore, with AI writers’ automated grammar and plagiarism checking, you will be able to focus on creativity and generate more engaging content.

How Much Do AI Writers Cost?

AI Writers pricing
AI Writers pricing

The cost of using AI writing assistants varies in each company, and each AI writing company offers different writing plans with different costs according to the number of credits of words you can generate.

The priority of customer support, and access to the tools. so you can choose the plan according to your needs. And the plans can be paid monthly or yearly which comes with a discount.

AI writers also vary in quality of the generated content and subscription price but there is a free trial for some AI writers so you can use them to decide whether it is suitable for you or not before you subscribe.

Here is a graph of the starting monthly price of the popular AI writers on the market. The prices range Starting from $9 per month ( Rytr) to $49 ( Jasper and Copy.ai).

Ai Writer starting price comparison
AI Writer Starting Price Comparison

AI Writing Tools: The Conclusion

AI writer is an amazing, easy-to-use automated writing tool powered by artificial intelligence which will assist writers around the world to create more engaging content.

AI writing assistants are affordable, save your time, increase your productivity, and enable you to create rich content that will catch your audience.

In addition, AI writers have some limitations but we hope the next generation will over com it and come up with new wonder features.

We hope that now you have a clear view of AI writers and we be able to answer all of your burning questions.

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