17 Pro Tips to Write a Perfect Blog Post In 2022

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Writing a blog post has become so familiar in our lives due to our lifestyle. Everything we need to know about we google it.

Nonetheless, writing a well-constructed and excellent blog post is not as easy as you think because of many aspects.

Therefore, the below lines will illustrate the best practices and possible advice when writing a blog post.

1- Search for Low Hanging Fruit Keywords

There is a higher chance that if you write a blog post like this one, you won’t be in the top 100 Google results for the keyword “write a perfect blog post”.

That’s because most of the high-volume keywords have been dominated by big sites that have stunning backlinks profiles.

Instead, you need to go after low-hanging fruit keywords, which are basically keywords that have low keyword difficulty metrics and high traffic volume.

There are many ways that you can use to conduct these keywords, but the easiest way is to use SEO tools such as Aherfs and Semrush.

Get some results from such tools and then it’s time to choose the topic.

2- Choose a Topic That Matches The Puzzle

The No.1 thing when choosing the topic, is to be relevant to your niche. For instance, the “How to write a perfect blog post” topic is not fit a Sewing niche.

When you write articles about the same microniche, Google will think that this website is authorized in this niche. So it will bring more visitors to your blog.

Also, choose your topic keyword from the low-hanging fruit keywords you extracted earlier. These keywords have a higher potential to rank.

In addition, search for articles that you didn’t write and it connects between two or more articles to close the circle. This will help blog readers to stay longer, and Google to think that this blog is the solution for that query.

3- Do Some Research

One of the important steps you must take in order to write a perfect blog post is to do some research in order to study your competitors, understand the keywords of the blog post, and how can you make a successful blog.

Also, doing a lot of research will let us focus on how to make good plans and strategies.

Research can be so useful because after you make the research you will expose yourself to how people write articles, what the content should look like, what people mostly prefer about posts, and your blog post does not necessarily look the same as others.

Plus, you will realize that a copy post is unwanted, so you are now familiar with the basic rules of writing a successful blog post.

4- Organize Ideas

l can more to that recommend you during writing your blog post you do not have just immediately think of your blog post and insistently write your blog.

First of all, you need to have deeply thought about your post and organize your ideas then give it a try.

Another piece of advice I can offer to you is to feel free about your blog and write as if you talk. Do not be so academic and quote much just be simple in your posts.

I know you want to seem more professional and all this stuff, but believe me when you just start writing your blog in that way you are going to focus on how to impress people with beautiful sentences and perfect grammar structure.

But when you do that, people will not give your blog much attention and they will simply ignore it because school things do not actually work here. People will not concern more about your own perfectionism.

5- Bring The Outlines to The Table

After you organize your ideas, you need to convert them into readable outlines and give the main shape of your blog points. The points of interest that you are going to write about in your blog post.

Also, when you start outlining, you will surely avoid forgetting your points and make a connected piece of writing. So, this step is a must.

6- The Title Must be Relevant and Attractive

Writing any statement or just a simple post on any website or social media platform must first be introduced with a self-explanatory title to help the readers to recognize the main point of the post.

Therefore, having a blog post written with a very specific title would make your own post familiar, relevant, and straightforward.

Moreover, that, title that is attractive and captivating to so many different people can bring with it many clicks and readers.

7- Hook The Readers:

A good hook is one that grabs your reader’s attention and makes him want to read more. It should be short, catchy, and intriguing.

There are many ways to hook the readers, and the best way to create a strong hook is by using an engaging opening sentence or paragraph.

One of the most common ways is to start off with a question. This will make the reader want to know the answer, and it will keep them reading your article.

Another way is to start off with a quote from someone famous or well-known. This will also make your reader want to know what they said, and it will also keep them reading your article.

The hook can be found in any part of the article, but it must be found in the first paragraph in the first place. It should stand out from other sentences and draw readers into reading more of your content.

8- The Headline Matters The Most:

The first thing the reader sees after the title is the first Headlines.

Make sure that each headline is compelling the reader to read the content that the headline represents and reach the next headline.

That way, the reader has no choice but to read the whole article. And that will increase the average session duration and average time on the page. Eventually, google will be pleased.

9- Understand The Search Intent

Understanding how people consume content would undoubtedly add more to your blog post because we have different types of people with different interests so many of us.

When they start reading any post or article on the internet or any relevant content they usually do not spend all the time reading the post as an academic article.

People tend to figure out what is the general idea of their own post without going deep down into details, then people scan and understand the main body, and the whole post finishes.

So, knowing how people read blog posts has a significant impact on your writing. Make your blog post touchy, your post has to cover most people’s desire to be creative in your own grab the attention.

Use some funny content and avoid dull content. Make your post public and don’t rely on media more than others.

10- Be Creative

Writing an engaging blog post has never been an easy task, it requires some critical thinking and creativity.

Also requires an awareness of the subject you are writing about and the techniques of writing, and intensive effort in terms of brainstorming and ideas arrangement, as well as a comprehensive thought and a target in order to come up with a magnificent post that has never been before.

Don’t just write for the sake of writing, always try to be creative. Use techniques that catch the reader’s interest and make him starve for more.

11- Use Keywords

The way that search engines know what your blog post talking about is by using keywords several times in the article.

Search engines crawl the article after you publish it and scan it to know what this post is all about. They see what are the most used phrases and keywords in the article and then determine if the content is reliable and worth rank it.

However, using a keyword too much can make your website looks spammy. So be careful. Use plugins like RankMath and Yoast to help you with that.

12- Use Case Studies

A Case Study is a detailed report of how a product or service was put to use in order to solve a specific problem. It provides valuable information about how the solution was applied, what benefits were seen, and any other important details.

Case studies are great because they provide real-life examples of how the product or service is used in the real world.

The use of case studies in blog posts is beneficial because they are an interesting way to present content while also providing the reader with new ideas and insights into a topic they might not have considered before.

So, using case studies in your blog post can really boost your article as it shows different things from other competitor articles.

13- Use Examples

Beer in mind your blog post should be associated or deeply connected for example.

If you are writing about a specific human mental illness, you do not have to bring a point that refers to other animals or species simply l mean your sentence must be relevant and this part dramatically serves any post to becoming a good post.

Furthermore, in terms of writing, we have so far the CCL system which means (coherence and cohesion, and lexicality) your article must contain these factors.

Because being cohesive means your post is connected to the level of ideas whilst applying cohesion means your post is well-built in terms of language structure and accuracy.

Also, lexicality refers to the vocabulary selection and how your words fit and how can you just match up and arrange the well-suited characters of your blog post.

14- Use Visuals

Visuals are an important part of online communication. They convey a lot of information in a very short time. They can be used to tell stories, explain complex ideas, and illustrate points.

They are a great way to make your blog post more dynamic and engaging. They can also help people understand what you are trying to say.

Your post should also include some visual images because it seems so alive and we humans we love real things and actual examples so add some pictures to your blog post to be more enjoyable.

Visuals should be used in a blog post when you want the reader to:

  • See a graph or chart.
  • Understand where something is located on a map.
  • Understand how something works.
  • See how something changes over time. And more

15- Avoid Plagiarism

A blog post writer has to be honest with his writings. Under no circumstances should you copy a post from any source, your post will clearly be viewed as a fake post and that counts against your posts.

As the internet has been a remarkable tool for a long time, so to write a stunning blog post, the internet will facilitate much more in terms of data collection, grammar range, word structure, and so forth.

Also, Plagiarised content can easily be discovered by Google and many free tools. And this will not but harm your website.

16- Avoid Grammar Mistakes

The top advice must be about the grammar range. When it comes to writing a blog post knowing all types of grammar is not essential.

You need to be only familiar with the common grammar, plus use simple sort of grammar because more complicated and difficult kinds of grammar may make it harder for non-English speakers and would ruin your whole post so be advised not to exaggerate grammar level.

17- Edit The Article:

After you finish writing the article, you need to edit it before publishing it. Scan the whole article several times and search for anything that can be modified.

Also, you can read it out loud because if there is any sentence that does not seem natural or some sentences are so long, break them down to you and change them or delete them completely.

Some people prefer to edit the article on a document and then copy it to the websites and others prefer to edit it on the website. Each method can work perfectly.

After you are done editing the content, now it’s time to hit the Publish button. But before that, make sure that the blog post is SEO friendly.

Tips to Write a Perfect Blog Post: The Conclusion

Writing a blog post is easy. But writing an engaging blog post is not as easy as you think. It requires a great effort to constantly produce content.

However, it gets better and better on time while you are working on yourself. The more content you produce the better it will be.

And by following these tips, you can write a perfect blog post in any niche, whether it’s for your own blog or it’s for clients.

Tips to Write a Perfect Blog Post FAQs

Here are the most asked question about writing blog posts.

How do I write a perfect blog post?

Writing a perfect blog post always starts with research, organizing ideas, and conducting the outlines. Read the tips above to know how to write the perfect blog post.

What are the major components of a blog post?

The major components of any blog post or article are the introduction which contains the hook, the body which contains the main purpose of the article, and the conclusion which summarizes the entire body in a few lines.

What makes a blog post successful?

The one thing that makes a blog post successful is that blog post gets the reader’s attention to read most of the article. The average time on the page is the one thing that determines whether a blog post is good or not.

How long should blog posts be?

the length of any blog post depends on the niche, the competitors, and the topic you want to write about, it can be anywhere between 800 words to 5,000 words or more. So, there’s not a certain word count.

How do you end a blog post?

The conclusion or the end of the blog post summarizes the whole idea of the blog post, your article ending should be short and describes what the post is all about.

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