Pros and Cons Of AI Content Writing Tools

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The introduction of artificial intelligence has made a significant change in content writing and e-marketing.

Some people support their use as a result of the pros and the great benefits they provide, while others see them as drawbacks and cons to their campaigns.

We are here to bring out to you the advantages and disadvantages of these Ai tools so that you can see for yourself if they are worth it.

What is an AI Content Generator?

AI writing tools are content generators based use artificial intelligence to can write any type of content by simulating the human style. They are powered by the OpenAI GPT-3 language, a pre-trained artificial intelligence language program.

The language has been trained with a huge amount of text to understand the structure of the language, and the use of each word in the sentence. So, the machine will be able to predict the next word in the sentence and create and build its new text.

The Pros of AI Writing Tools

There is wide use of artificial writing tools now, they have become trending in the last few years. Here are the advantages of AI tools.

AI Writers Pros

Create content with ease:

AI writers are easy to use, you don’t need to be a proficient writer to use them, they guide you through the process of writing in simple steps.

With the writing tools, you don’t need to have a great deal of prior knowledge of the topic you want to write about, and you don’t need to do extensive research. You can even write in areas that you have never tried before.

Also, it is not necessary to be a professional writer in marketing, for example, to produce attractive marketing content. With the help of writing tools, you can knock on new doors with greater confidence.


Cost Effective
Cost Effective

The use of automatic writing tools is very cheap compared to the benefits it provides and the money that you will pay to professional human writers.

Many companies provide services that compete with each other and have various packages; monthly and annual subscriptions with privileges. There are many packages and payment options that you can get according to your need, so you can pay for exactly what you need.

Content writing speed:

The most powerful characteristic of ai content writers is their outstanding speed, they have a great ability to write at a speed up to ten times faster than the speed of human writers.

The usage of an AI writer shortens the process of collecting, arranging, paraphrasing, and selecting appropriate words, as well as checking grammatical rules, all those steps consume a long time.

All you need to do when you are using an ai tool is to give the tool good input as a reference then edit and proofread the output.

To write an entire article using AI writing assistance, you only provide the tool with keywords and a title. It takes a person hours to write the same amount.

Save you time:

AI writers can write at a speed faster than humans, they help you save time in the writing process. They can write for you, complete writing tasks, edit what you are wrote already, and you can meet your deadlines at ease.

The searching and writing process which can take hours or even days will be done in simple steps using AI. with these tools, you can write a whole essay in a few minutes.

Overcome writer’s block:

Overcome Writer’s Block

Writer block is very common among writers, when you face it, it will be difficult to come up with a new idea or even translate what is in your mind into appropriate content.

Using Ai writing tools will help you with the brainstorming process. With the overflowing ideas coming from the AI writer, you can overcome writer’s block and generate the outlines for you which will enable you to enter the writing mood.

Efficiency and quality:

AI writing tools are effective in creating good quality content, their writing process is very similar to the humans to the point you can’t differentiate between them most of the time.

The content produced by the ai generator comes with proper spelling and sentence structure, as well as the language used in them. They enables you to write better content because you will be free to focus on the more important parts of the writing process.

All that because AI tools are already trained to detect and correct errors, so you will be at peace of mind when using them.

Furthermore, they can write in different tones that are suitable for the type of content you are writing and the type of audience you address. The ability to change the tones enables you to attract new customers and write in a different way that suits the market.

Not to forget that they are 24/7 availability. They don’t get sick, have emergency circumstances or simply get bored, they are very effective in general. Ai tools will help you increase your productivity, which leads to an increase in your income in return.

Avoid plagiarism:

If you are to hire a copywriter to write your content, you don’t guarantee 100% that he doesn’t write plagiarised content. But with AI, this is not the case.

The content that is generated by AI generators is plagiarism free most of the time, which is due to the writing process of the AI content writer.

These tools don’t copy and paste content from other resources, instead, they use the input keywords to search the database and write the output original and uniquely.

Also, many AI writing tools contain plagiarism checkers to be more assured that the content is not plagiarized. So you can use them without the fear of being accused of plagiarism.

Generate content for all types of languages:

Multi lingual

The AI writers are multilingual, which mean you can generate content for different languages and target more audiences even if you are not fluent in these languages.

This feature is very helpful if your site or business is multilingual, you will be able to reach more customers and enhance the brand image.

The Cons of AI Writing Tools

Although AI writing tools have many benefits, they also come with some disadvantages including:

AI Writers Cons

Lack of fact and statistics accuracy:

Inaccurate facts and statistics information
Inaccurate facts and statistics information

Using AI tools in the creative field is more useful than using them in areas that contain facts and statistical information because they will not give you a conclusive result.

This is mainly due to the lack of the detector of facts and the pre-trained learning process based on the training on multiple texts that contain many human opinions and the internet content which contains the right and wrong information.

When you use use AI tools, you will need to verify all facts and statistics the tool provides before publish them.

Out-dated content:

Ai writing tools rely on pre-stored information in the GPT-3 language, that they have been trained on, so their information is not up-to-date and will not be able to provide accurate information about new events.

Lack of creativity and originality:

The content and ideas provided by AI writers are pre-written information and ideas produced by human writers. They only rewrite and present them in a new way. So the outcome is not original content.

Lack of human sense and emotion:

Lack of human sense and emotion
Lack of human sense and emotion

When a human writes a text they usually use their emotion and personal touch to create it and communicate with the readers. Any writer has their personal touch.

AI writing assistant has some limitations in describing strong emotion, they don’t have a writing personality.

The Conclusion

AI writing tools are so beneficial for all writers with their advantages, they are cost-effective, fast, help you overcome writer’s block, multilingual, and much more.

There is no doubt over the fact that The AI writing tool is so promising but it still needs more improvement and it will be interesting to see it coming.

It is better not to rely entirely upon ai content generators, but to use them wisely to improve the quality of your writing.

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